Buy Funky and Unusual gifts in India


Believe it or not when I say that gifts are the soul of any relation let it be with girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, kids, and others. And to buy a gift that is as cool as your relation is always a tricky part. We know this as we ourself have suffered for coming upto the bar with the standard of our beautiful relation. So to overcome we have designed a beautiful site that provide the best solution for you called a Unique gift shop that provide you funky gifts.

Here are some of out unique items and affordable price

Funky beer mug

Looking for Funky and Unique Beer Mug to add to your Bar collection. This is the exact Beer mug for you. This is a giant capacity mug with space of 500ml. It’s a crystal clear build with the muscled arm as a handle. Heavy build with heavy weight gives the feel of Restaurant bar’s utility. This is a must have for the Gym lovers and the people who love to throw party at their house.

  1. Giant Build
  2. Crystal Clear
  3. Muscle Arm Handle
  4. Good Grip
  5. 500 ml capacity
  6. Must for Gym Lovers

Unique handwash bottle

tea coffee mug tower

Love your coffee and tea? Make it more lovable with our Tea & Coffee cup tower. This will make your tea time more enjoyable. This will give your kitchen more unique and quality look. The perfect way to flaunt your crockery in front of your guests.

Product Feature

  1. 4 tea/coffee mugs
  2. One steel tower
  3. Imprinted with Famous town design in world
  4. Glossy look

Dumbbell shape water bottle

Dumbbell Shaped Water Bottle is a Unique gift that is must have in the collection.

This product is not only good in the looks but also in the durability and the usability. It not only used to hydrate you with water and hydrated drinks but also helps you stay in shape with very light weight dumbbell exercises. We know in this busy life we don’t have much time to stay fit. We often neglect our health over work which make us unhealthy and we got to know this in long run. So With this product you don’t need to worry about that. add juice, Hydrated drinks or water and can do lifts as well. And one more thing. How cool it would be to get this bottle and hit the gym? We bet all eyes would be on you.

Features of this product

  1. 2.2 L Capacity
  2. Approx weight of 2 kg when filled.
  3. Water container
  4. Health maintain equipment
  5. Made of Quality Plastic
  6. Cool Look

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