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Cassette Tape Pen Holder

Cassette Tape Dispenser & Pen Holder

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Want to relive the cassette tape memory from that generation? This funky cassette stationary box/ tape dispenser is a nostalgic take on the favorite way to enjoy music back in the day. Cassettes have recently lost their charm in today’s digital world but they still hold a dear place in some people’s hearts. Pulling out your Walkman and rewinding the tapes was enjoyable in itself. The cassette box and dispenser will definitely bring back some memories with an added touch of creativity. The stationary box has 3 compartments in which you can keep your pencils, pens, thumbnails, paper clips, etc. This is spacious enough for everyday use by students of people working in an office. A tape dispenser hidden in the cassette is placed such that you can rewind it just like a music tape. This makes it easy to load, remove and cut. Minute details on the cassette box bring out the vintage look. A sticker on the front with classic fonts and strips are additional eye-catchers! Cool and unique, the cassette stationary box/ tape dispenser is a boon for kids, students and adults. May it be a study table or an office desk, the box will relax you by reminding you of the good old days! 

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