Ctrl+Alt+Del Keyboard Button Cup

Ctrl+Alt+Del Keyboard Button Cup

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This impressive set of cups are one of the funkiest things available out there. Ctrl+Alt+Del and all that laziness is erased in a jiffy. What better way to start a slow morning with some energizing refreshments. This set consists of three cups designed like keyboard keys. The texture and the text is mimicked to look like an actual keyboard key. These smart keys sit on an equally smart tray with designs of wiring on it. This hard plastic set let you add to the beauty of your kitchen and will definitely attract attention. It can not only be used for coffee and tea but also can be used to serve juice or ice cream. The set comes it two sleek colors, black with white text and vice-versa. So, start your day with a cup of coffee in this new keyboard cup.


Capacity: 350 ml

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